"At Metropolitan, we believe that to lead, we must serve. We know from experience that serving makes those we serve and us stronger."
- Ric Estrada, Metropolitan Family Services CEO


» “Their willingness to fully participate in family sessions and their trust in me from the start set such a strong example for Devin and Tamia that it was okay to participate and it was okay to trust me.” Julia praises Lavette and Dwayne’s commitment. “We are able to talk more openly about each child’s adoption journey, filling in a lot of blanks that were causing them stress and anxiety.”

»“Lavette grew as an advocate for Devin’s needs,”Julia says, and she sought additional training and information on her own. “She participates in the parent support groups and the group facilitator says she is valued as a member of the group.” Lavette shares that the time she spent on finding services for Devin and Tamia led her to becoming a social worker. 




Part mentor, part motivator, part advocate, since 1857 Metropolitan Family Services has been the engine of change that Mpowers families to reach their greatest potential and positively impact their communities.